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ZW Blogs

Here you have a non-exhaustive list of Zero Waste blogs:

(do you have a zero waste blog and want to appear here? just contact us and we will add you)

My Zero Waste blog from UK. Ideas on Zero Waste from Suffolk.

The Dutch Aunt’s Zero Waste blog, from Holland in English.

Zero Waste Home, a very interesting blog with international following. Publishing a book in April 2013!

Natuurlijkzuinig, getting to Zero Waste with the average Dutch family, blog in Dutch

The Rubbish Diet from UK – discover how to reduce your household waste to zero.

RealNappiesforLondon from UK – a blog about alternatives to disposable nappies.

Zero Waste blog in Trapani, Sicily, Italy. Blog in Italian.

Zero Bikaina in San Marcos, Basque Country in Spain, a Zero Waste blog in Euskera (Basque) and Spanish

Gipuzkoa Zero Zabor blog of Zero Waste in Gipuzkoa, in the spanish Basque Country. Blog in Euskera and Spanish.

Zero Zabor (Zero Waste) in Hernani, Gipuzkoa. Blog mainly in Euskera.

Zarautz Zero Zabor, Gipuzkoa. Blog in Euskera.

Zerowastelifestyle, Portugal, blog in English.

Zonder Afval, Holland, blog in Dutch