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Empowering Our Communities To Redesign

Food and Drink

Granel in Barcelona

Effecorta in Italy is a shop with branches in the province of Lucca and Milan selling local, unpackaged products. It has won the ecoefficiency award in Italy.


Granel is a zero packaging waste shop with 6 outlets in Barcelona, Vic and Eivissa in Spain. It specialises in local produce.

Unpackaged is a shop in North East London selling products without packaging. It also has a zero waste bar / café.

Unverpackt was the first shop in Germany to sell without packaging opening in February 2014. Others include Original Unverpackt and Biosphäre .

In France La Recharge sells in bulk, Jean Bouteille sells all kind of liquids without packaging and  Leger & Local provides everything you need to set up your shop.

In Austria Mass-Greisslerei opened in 2013.


bulk bins in Biosphaere

In Belgium since the end of 2014 you can find Almata in Brussels where you can buy ecological and proximity products without packaging.