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Reusable Nappies


Ecobimbi is an Italian company producing washable and ecological nappies. Vital for reducing waste and the household expenditure.

Pagú is a Bologna-based company that rents and sells washable nappies to individuals and nurseries.

Pupulito is a service based in Novara, Lombardy to rent and sell washable nappies.

Lavanda is a Bologna-based service providing rental and laundering of reusable nappies to nurseries.


NappyEverAfter is a London-based non-profit company offering a laundry service for reusable nappies which prevents more than 800kg of waste per year per child.

BabaandBoo is a UK based brand of reusable nappies and accessories with retailers in many European countries.

Nappies in Nursery
Nappies in Nursery


Mon Bébé Doux in Moselle, Alsace, sells and rents washable nappies to families and also provides a laundering service to a creche.


Windelnanny is a nappy laundering service that supplies nurseries and families across Berlin, washing around 700 traditional cloth nappies a day.