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Empowering Our Communities To Redesign

1,500 votes and 100 solutions to end wasteful design


Two weeks ago, Zero Waste Europe and the People’s Design Lab launched the Redesign Europe Challenge. As part of the project citizens are asked to spot wasteful design on the market and in their daily lives and to suggest solutions.

After only two weeks since the launch, citizens have suggested over 100 solutions and we have counted more than 1,500 votes against wasteful products. Participants are not only voting from Europe, but from all over the world, proving that the frustration associated with wasteful design is broadly shared across the planet.

The three most “voted” wasteful products will win the #Designed4Trash award and will be the focus of the next phase, where Zero Waste Europe and the People’s Design Lab will campaign against the #Designed4Trash products whilst promoting zero waste alternative solutions.

The Challenge has also been shared on social media, including promotion by famous zero waste advocates such as Bea Johnson, and covered in news coverage and blogs.


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