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Empowering Our Communities To Redesign

Scotland adopts a deposit for beverages that paves the way for the EU Strategy on Plastics

Brussels, September 5, 2017

New study presents plan for Circular Economy using existing economic measures

Brussels, 12/07/17

PRESS RELEASE: Enough excuses: it’s time for EU Member States to break free from plastic bags

Brussels, July 3, 2017

PRESS RELEASE: European Parliament’s report calls for halt on harmful subsidies to waste incineration

Brussels, June 7, 2017

PRESS RELEASE: Redesign Europe Challenge launches first of 3 phases

Brussels, May 17, 2017

PRESS RELEASE: Simona Bonafè drives Europe to a circular economy

Brussels, March 14, 2017

PRESS RELEASE: 10th anniversary of EU recycling rules

Brussels, February 10, 2017

PRESS RELEASE: European Commission Plastics Roadmap not leading anywhere

Brussels, January 26, 2017

Press Release: Commission calls for defunding of waste-to-energy

Brussels, January 26, 2017

Press Release: MEPs bring back Potocnik 2014’s spirit in a push towards zero waste

Brussels, January 24, 2017

Press Release: Six paths to make Extended Producer Responsibility fit for a circular economy

Brussels, January 11, 2017

Press Release: New zero waste Roubaix case study shows ‘where there is a will there is a way’

Brussels, December 5, 2016

Press Release: Valencia’s commitment to introduce a container deposit scheme, a step forward for Circular Economy in Europe

Brussels, November 30, 2016

Press Release: International NGOs State Support for Impacted Communities from Waste Incineration in Cement Plants

Brussels, November 16, 2016

Press Release: MEPs support the end to harmful subsidies to waste-to-energy incineration

Brussels, October 19, 2016

Press Release: Circular Economy could be a game changer

Brussels, September 27, 2016

Press Release: Germany should work for and not against a Circular Economy in Europe

Brussels, September 16, 2016

Press Release: A vision of the future free from plastic pollution: the EU must rise to the challenge

Brussels, September 14, 2016

Press Release: Concern that flame retardants cause more harm than good

Brussels, September 8, 2016

Press Release: Zero Waste Europe – New ESR proposal is promising but lacks strength

Brussels, July 25, 2016

Press Release: People’s Design Lab launched to redesign wasteful products

Brussels, July 5, 2016

Press Release: EU Member States asked to deliver final decisive effort for Europe to break free from single-use plastic bags

Brussels, July 1, 2016

New case study: Parma proves 70% recycling and 100kg residual waste can be achieved in only 4 years

Brussels, June 20, 2016

Press Release: Bonafè shows more ambition than the Commission, yet is still far from zero waste

Brussels, June 2, 2016

Press Release: NGOs call the EP to get the Circular Economy back on track

Brussels, May 10, 2016

Press Release: EU Bioenergy – time to follow the Waste Hierarchy

Brussels, May 10, 2016

Press Release: Eurostat data for 2014 confirms need for European residual waste target

[Brussels, March 23, 2016]

Press Release: Launch of map of European Zero Waste municipalities

[Paris, December 07, 2015]

Press Release: Circular Economy? New package is too weak to make it happen

[Paris, December 2, 2015]

Press Release: New report finds significant air pollution problems across waste incineration activities

[Brussels, November 27, 2015]

Press Release: Zero Waste to Landfill: false paths to a Circular Economy.

[Brussels, November 9, 2015]

Press Release: New Report Finds, Municipal Solid Waste a Key Sector for a Low Carbon Economy

[Brussels, October 27, 2015]

Press Release: Study Finds Extended Producer Responsibility Needs Redesign for Circular Economy – FULL REPORT

[Brussels, October 14, 2015]

Press Release: Study Finds Extended Producer Responsibility Needs Redesign for Circular Economy

[Brussels, July 15, 2015]

Press Release: International Bag Free Day – New EU Directive paves the way for a Europe without plastic bags

[Brussels, July 3, 2015]

New case study: The story of Gipuzkoa, the fastest transition towards Zero Waste in Europe!

[Brussels, June 24, 2015]

New case study: The story of Ljubljana, first Zero Waste capital in Europe!

[Brussels, May 28, 2015]

Press Release: The 4 guiding principles for a Circular Economy

[Brussels, May 18, 2015]

New case study: The story of Contarina, 85% recycling is possible!

[Brussels, February 5, 2015]

Stakeholders ask EC for evidence to justify withdrawal of Circular Economy Package

[Brussels, February 3, 2015]

Common statement: EU Circular Economy Package: Questioning the reasons for withdrawal

[Brussels, January 22, 2015]

Press Release: ZWE welcomes the EU decision to reduce single-use plastic bags

[Brussels, November 21, 2014 – press release]

Press Release: Ljubljana, first European Zero Waste capital

[Ljubljana, September 8, 2014 – press release]

Press Release: New Case Studies Show ‘Zero Waste’ Success in Europe

[Brussels, September 4, 2014 – press release]

Press Release on International bag-free day: EU Council of Ministers must clamp down on use of plastic bags

[Brussels, July 3, 2014 – joint press release]