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Empowering Our Communities To Redesign

ZW library

In this library you can find studies and documents backing the necessity and the feasibility of a Zero Waste economy.

Main principles of a Zero Waste strategy in Europe (in English, para leer la versión en español clica aquí)

ZWIA Hierarchy, by ZWIA

What is the best disposal option for “leftovers” on the way to Zero Waste?, 2013, Dr Morris, J. Dr Favoino, E. Lombardi, E. Bailey, K.

Towards Zero Waste 2013, Saskia Tegnell, Michael Bauer-Leeb

ZW Reports – Visit the Zero Waste Reports Page

ZW Case Studies – Visit the Zero Waste Case Studies Page

ZW book

Zero Waste – Zéro Déchet, Zéro Gaspillage, 2014, in French

The Zero Waste Solution – Untrashing the planet one communitty at a time, by Paul Connett, 2014, in English

Non bruciamo il futuro, Rossano Ercolini, 2014, in Italian

Residu Zero – Com reactivar l’economia sense carregar-se el planeta, Joan Marc Simon, 2015, in Catalan

On the road to Zero Waste: Successess and lessons from around the world, 2012.

Zero Waste, a revolution in progress, 2012, for the moment only in Italian.

Separate collection:

Cost comparison between a door-to-door collection and a road-side container system, & ARC, 2014

Kerbside Recycling: Indicative Costs and Performance, Wrap 2008

Kerbside Collections Options: Wales, Wrap 2011

Manual de Recogida Selectiva Puerta a Puerta (Manual of door-to-door separate collection in Spanish): Catalan Association of Door-to-Door Separate Collection Municipalities 2011


Guide for the implementation of Pay-as-you-throw systems for municipal waste ENT, Catalan Waste Agency. 2010

Best practices

The Story of Capannori – A Zero Waste Champion, GAIA, ZWE September 2013


New standards for long-term business survival, Jonathan T. Scott

The sustainable business, Jonathan T. Scott

Managing the New Frontiers, Jonathan T. Scott

Historical archive

Zero Waste by Robin Murray, Greenpeace Environmental Trust 2002

Creating Wealth from Waste by Robin Murray, Demos 1999